• Minerva Gallery, created by Minerva (Yiqian) Zang, focuses on the international development of art and is devoted to establishing stronger connections between eastern and western art. With a complete operating system, Minerva Gallery is committed to promoting communications between domestic and foreign artists, as well as the interactions among art institutions. Through art exhibitions, academic exchanges, international programs, and public art education, the gallery desires to become an international cultural exchange platform in the context of globalization. In addition, Minerva Gallery will help minority groups to improve their living and learning environment through public education, children's art exhibition, and charity auction. We hope to use our gallery as a socio-cultural platform to spread more love and acceptance.




    University of Pennsylvania, B.A. in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, May 2022
    University of Pennsylvania Penn Carey Law School, J.D. candidate, May 2025
    Starting in 2008, She was selected as an anchor and reporter in Qingdao (China) Television 1 to investigate and deliver stories on issues faced by teenagers and conducted interviews with prominent figures in Qingdao about youth rights. She has worked in 3 TEDx groups, developing comprehensive skills in
    on-stage and off-stage directing, writing, and team-working. At the University of Pennsylvania, she joined Think Tank and Civil Society Program (TTCSP). She was the research and summit coordinator in the executive team and the Project Lead for the China Intensive Research Project. Through conducting intensive research on the think tank industry and assisting in hosting international summits, she developed strong research and leadership skills. In addition,
    she served as a Teaching Assistant for the course "INTS512: Global Issues, Politics, and Institutions" at the Wharton School, as well as actively involved in many student organizations.
    In 2022, she obtained her bachelor’s degree and UPenn and will pursue her JD degree and Penn Carey Law school in the fall. She is selected for as Dean’s fellowship and receives a $120,000 Dean’s scholarship.
    In 2020, she funded Minerva Gallery in Hefei (China), devoted to building an international cultural exchange platform. She desires to become the bridge among countries to solve conflicts and promote cooperation.


    Art is Never Defined but Created